The Times is prebunking the stories about election fraud coming out.
by BlueElvis February 5, 2021
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Antisemitic dog whistle used by Nazi white supremacists. The full story is that the people of diverse origin interned at concentration camps slept in wooden bunks, "boonks". Prebunking is the dog whistle for the events that lead to the rise of the Nazi regime and to the boonks.
That story was prebunked, don't trust it.
by noslowmo September 4, 2022
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The times just prebunked who an election was stolen.
I prebunked you already
by BlueElvis February 5, 2021
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Verb - to debunk lies you know are coming in advance.
The fact checkers were able to prebunk most of the lies they knew Trump would tell before the speech even started.
by Gypsydanger January 8, 2019
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