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An awesome being who is the embodiment of all manliness and all powers known or ever wished by men. He is the greatest being ever present and shall remain so till eternity.
Random man: Yo man he's a Pratik!
Other Guy: Say what! So cool
by sergeantHopeless November 29, 2011
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a stud who attracts all the women to him
After becoming the star of a sports team, he was known as a pratik.
by altaf khan September 26, 2006
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someone who never ceases to amaze me. i lovee YOU <3
Pratik you're so amazing smart, funny hot nd talented. i love youu.
by Tasha July 04, 2004
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He's good at math, huh? What school does he go to, Lincoln? He is the next Pratik.
by Bullwinkle February 21, 2005
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A clown of sorts.... a complex creature who is thought to have been a direct descendant of the modern day chimpanzee. Also though to have been the bastard child of Larry David due to his mannerisms and extensive over analytical nature. Has appeared on numerous World Vision commercials and Feed the Children campaigns. He is also known to order food by the ingredient, rather than by the name of the food product itself. Is also known for referring to female counterparts by their ethnicity rather than given name.
Pratik and I went to the restaurant and he ordered one potato (french fries), we then went to the mall and ran into brown chick where we all discussed what the point of no-fly underwear was.
by AR321 October 26, 2007
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A midwest (Minnesota) slang term for a supervisor who is moved into a management position by a new boss in order to demoralize the underlings into leaving their position and who is charectorized by a willingness to throw his underlings under the bus while attempting to also socialize with them.

Based on the Sanskrit work "Prattalya".
"Hey Man, sucking up to the new boss!?! Don't become a Pratik!
by SciGal May 11, 2011
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