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usually referred to as an east Asian male practically interested and looks like part of the "Emo" scene and spends most of their time in a high school marching band scene, this kinda of person's personality is usually "douche" and rather hated by most people knowing the person and the community, by the looks usually Emo scene with not much effort usually long dark brown hair,this type of person is usually harrased by the people for the way he acts or converses
hopes their no prasants in this local suburbia its quite nice
by DonPatch890 December 20, 2007
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a male with long hair lives in a marching band habitat an commanly is mistaken for an Emo female

dude1: i joined marching band today
Dude2: dude you gonna turn into prasant
by DonPatch890 December 11, 2007
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