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A prank used to mean a practical joke, but the definition has slightly changed in the age of the youtube 'prank' video.

Nowadays a prank means saying provocative shit to someone, while secretly recording them, and then screaming "it's a prank, bro, it's a prank" when you elicit a violent response.
(Youtube Prankster approaches a girl walking with her boyfriend)
YP: DAMNNNNNN! Look at those melons. Can I please put my face in those melons?
Random girl: What the fuck?
(The expected happens and the girl and/or her boyfriend react violently to this sexual harrassment)
YP (after getting a slap in the face): It's a prank, bro, it's a prank. Look there's a camera right there! It's not sexual harassment if the camera's on.

Our youtube hero continues on his humorous adventures. This time, he is joined by a athletic looking black guy who looks like he can throw a punch.

YP: Yo! You wanna hear a joke?
Black Guy: Yeah!
YP: What does a black guy do after sex?
BG: What?
YP: 15 to life! hue hue hue.
BG: (Smacks our hero in the face)
YP: It's a prank, bro, it's a prank. It's not racist, bro, the camera's on.
by The CowThatWentAllahuAckbar March 09, 2015
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A "Practical Joke" done by white people to only get their ass kicked by black people.
by BeerChuggerWhoCantDrink December 04, 2016
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Yo so today we're gonna prank some black people by asking them to have sex with them.
by ClusterFuck December 01, 2015
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n. v. A mean spirited or malicious practical joke. Often pranks are aimed towards authority figures or disliked peers. Embarassing or painful to the prankee, but normally not fatal.
Filling your friend's fire extinguisher with gasoline.
by Eatthebottles April 21, 2004
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something done to another person, often fatal, with the intention of faking said person out. By claiming that an action was a prank, all faults of the "pranker" are erased.
1. "Once, as a prank, Todd Packer banged every woman in the office."

2. "Dude, why'd you fuckin' stab me in the heart? I'm your best friend!"

"Dude, it was a prank."
by gcameron July 04, 2010
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To ring someones mobile phone to let them know you have arrived, or to signal something.
When I get there I'll prank you.
by c0de November 29, 2003
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