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9 definitions by Iamcreativepragmatist

A ratio used by the Creative Pragmatist to compose a well-balanced outfit. The ratio can be configured according to individual preferences but a helpful application is when an outfit has one element of each; chill + modern + classic.
Person 1: Omg! I can’t seem to pick out an outfit today. Nothing looks good.

Person 2: Just use the CMC ratio, and combine something chill, modern, and classic. Boom! You have an outfit.
by Iamcreativepragmatist August 6, 2021
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An individual who values creativity and pragmatism in daily life applies both to their style choices. They thrive on personal expression and use fashion to express that creativity. In equal measure, the CP desires functionality, a real practicality in how clothing works in their wardrobe. When creativity and pragmatism are in balance, they feel like themselves the most.
Person 1: Oh my gosh that chic lady walking down the street looks so chill yet refined.

Person 2: She must be a creative pragmatist.
by Iamcreativepragmatist August 6, 2021
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The Latin phrase “omne trium perfectum” means that every set of three is complete. A Creative Pragmatist will apply this to outfit composition; when you have selected three key items, the destination has been reached.
Person 1: I think i’m missing something, my outfit doesn’t feel complete.

Person 2: You’re not thinking of the Rule of 3, you need to have 3 components in an outfit and you only have 2. Try a pop of color for your shoe!
by Iamcreativepragmatist August 6, 2021
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The dream items? The ultimate work-hards in the closet? They meet the PDW criteria. Styles that span across the three facets of our life—Play, Dinner, Work. Not everything can be created with an eye towards this functionality—but when a piece nails it, it’s worth noting and having.
Person 1: Before we go to dinner I have to go home and change. I’ve been at work all day! Do you need to change?

Person 2: Nope! I wore my PDW (Play, Dinner, Work) pieces. They work for so many occasions, I can go from work to dinner without having to go home and change.
by Iamcreativepragmatist August 6, 2021
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The Creative Pragmatist can be a conundrum to others; for their commensurate passion for a balance between creativity and utility to feel like their best selves. The color theory of One, Ton, or None is about nailing a fluid style where the eye can rest. One pop of color gives focus where two pops can distract. Ironically, a full flood of colors creates calm. And conversely, the absence of color – through neutrals – is a color story worth trying.
Person 1: Omg I love your outfit today, it’s colorful yet you don’t look insane.

Person 2: Thank you, I’m representing the Ton in One, Ton, or None.
by Iamcreativepragmatist August 6, 2021
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There are moments when an incredible piece of clothing or an accessory captures your imagination. Gives you goosebumps. Tugs at you in a way where it is hard to think of anything else. And while not wearable for every facet of our life, it has a place. Because life is about those moments of emotion and beauty, where we crave a piece simply because we admire it. The HTH’s occupy a coveted spot in our closet that remind us of why we love style.
Person 1: I know this top is kinda crazy and out of my comfort zone, but it’s speaking to me and I want it!

Person 2: Go for it! Every creative pragmatist needs HTH (Have to Have) pieces like that. They remind us of our personal style!!
by Iamcreativepragmatist August 6, 2021
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I&Os are the items that make us feel modern, new, each season. It might be a shoulder that we are experimenting with, or a certain exaggerated sleeve shape. Pieces that makes us feel like our entire closet has been refreshed by their addition alone. And whilst they allow us to experiment, because they pair back with other items in our closet that speak to our DNA, we never feel in costume. We wear them for years, retire them, then bring them back out again when the time is right.
Person 1: This patent leather pant totally works for this season, thank gosh they are a I&O (In & Outs) so I can wear them next season too!
by Iamcreativepragmatist August 6, 2021
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