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1. A girl who has a the body of a 10 and the face of a stillborn baby

see also Butterface

2. The lady a sweathog turns into when a man has on his beer goggles.

3. The girl you go to that no one sleeps with cause you know she'll say yes to sex and oh so much more.
1. Guy: (to pretty lady from behind) Hello gorgeous, how bout a drink?
Girl: Sure...(interrupted by Guy as she turns around)
Guy: (interrupting Girl) JESUS TITTY FUCKIN' CHRIST, you're a god damn pound hound.

2. Guy: (drunk and following lady out of bar) Be there in a sec baby. Tom, check out this babe I landed.
Tom: Dude, you sure you wanna do this, shes a pound hound.
Guy: You're just jealous, ya douche.

3. Guy: Dude, that chick you fucked last night was gowdy.
Guy 2: I know, shes a pound hound huh. I havent gotten any in awhile so i took what i can get.
by dylan w March 20, 2008
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