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The name given to Patrick from Spongebob in the "Spingebill" series of youtube poops.
Spingebill decided to share his candy bar with pot-rock.
by Spodermen2121 z April 10, 2017
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Used to describe the small moco neighborhood which is split between the City of Rockville and Potomac. The Rockville side of the neighborhood has sidewalks while the potomac side doesn't. The city line is obvious since the sidewalk abruptly ends halfway across someone's yard.

During the winter The City of Rockville will thoroughly plow everything up to the end of that sidewalk. Since Potomac is slow to plow it prevents the Potomac side from using the falls road entrances into the neighborhood.

A large percentage of the kids from this neighborhood attend private schools in the D.C. metro area (mainly to lax and play soccer). But the kids from Pot-Rock that are in the public school system go to Ritchie Park, Jdubb, and then Richard Montgomery. The public schoolers from Pot-Rock play baseball, football, and run track.

This unique neighborhood in moco is a hotbed for both male and female athletes in a wide range of sports. It has produced division I, professional, and even Olympic (swimmer) athletes in every sport except for basketball.

Although the two cities share the same neighborhood and schools the kids from the rockville side or "walks" have a more urban mindset and are considerably more diverse. The kids from the potomac side refer to the rockville part of the neighborhood as the "potomac ghetto" The potomac kids reflect the stereotype of the city they live a lesser degree.
Kid from Potomac: "Ummm, the sidewalk just ended halfway across this guys yard..."

Kid from Pot-Rock: "Welcome to Pot-Rock"

Laxer Pot-Rock: "Top cheddah rip brewha!"
by jappy lax May 28, 2011
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