Dehydrated noodles & vegetables, textured soya protein and preservatives. In a pot.
Pot Noodles - the staple diet of all students.
by Miss Agreeable May 27, 2004
The best thing out of all the things. A pot noodle can be found on Courtney Love's rider along with a syringe of krokodil after she does a gig. It can be your friend when the sun just don't shine or when you just need a snack to kill brain cells. Pot Noodles... because you're worth it.
Courtney Love: Gah, tough crowd, need sustenance, pot noodle.
by MaxisStrife February 20, 2015
To leave a party or gathering for the purpose of going home to masturbate.

Formally 'Pot noodle and a wank' Now shortened
"are you coming on to the club??"
"No i'm going back for a pot noodle"
by Graham Lester January 13, 2005
"bring me the cheapist most delicious food available and make it snappy"
by sam.f June 8, 2003
to stay in and have a wank on a saturday afternoon
"What did u do over the weekend?"
"this and that, bit of a pot noodle"
by win-co-fo February 6, 2003
Refering to a lousy evening spent home alone with bad food, TV-repeats and probably masturbation.
I was out last night and today he tells me:"you look knackered mate". And im thinking yeah, you look like you`ve had a pot noodle and a wank, mate.
by AluXeZ January 10, 2010
wow i want a wank but i didnt this afternoon cos i was being a SCALLY
i always wanted to type that word have never done i tb4
by super noodle roolz August 17, 2003