When you casually fuck your girl in a high school bathroom
Did you hear about that guy posting up his girlfriend in D wing?
by anon1288601 January 07, 2015
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To chill or stand at a spot (like a club or a street corner etc). To claim a spot. The term came from drug dealers on street corners, like light posts and street posts, and there you have it POST UP!
Yo lets post up right there where all the honeys with the big booties are.
by dada-ecko February 10, 2005
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means you and someone are gonna fight, y'all about to get em up.
if she talk about me or my crew one more time , we gonna post up after school.
by G0LD3N May 03, 2015
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1. standing around
2. slangin' at and assigned spot (see slanging)
nigga1: "can u kick it right now?"
nigga2: "naw, can't u see I'm posted+up? maybe later nigga"
by preel08 September 16, 2008
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