a representation off were you live and your status.
by Yerreth April 13, 2015
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A post is a postal address
It first used in London 1893
Post Code
by Smart452 November 10, 2013
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The realization one has after he's finished coding. You suddenly see how shit your code is and that it needs a complete rewrite.
*post-code clarity hits* Fuck, did I really write this?
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the mandatory waiting period to allow the vacationer to rest when they have come home.

the code implies that the vacationer is given at least a 1 day resting period before you bother them to go out.
we could ask taylor to come along but she just got back from san fransisco and we should stick to the post-vacation code.
by Kada1993 June 4, 2007
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if your first girlfriend or boyfriend is in another post code or zip code then you can date another person in your same post/zip code
If your First girlfriend is in Brisbane and your in Sydney then you are able to go out with someone in your same post/zip Code or city without feeling bad. Known as the Post/Zip Code Rule
by Jack and Jill12 May 7, 2010
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When you date or see multiple people from different post codes to ensure they don't cross paths
friend: "dam Ben found out I'm also sleeping with Cam and now there's heaps of drama"
me: "that's why you should use post coding it"
by Random fan girl December 20, 2018
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