Posey is the coolest person ever. She is far better than any Posie, Posy or Posiey. She is really good at feeding angsty teenage cows and shoveling shit. She is always smiling and happy to see her friends. She is really pretty and has a cool earring collection. Posey's are rare but very special :)
Wow, Posey is so cool, I wish I were friends with her.
by Official EEBC February 7, 2019
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One or more people following around another specific person with the ambition to gain something from them; that being love, attention, approval, respect, or any other personal reason. "Posey" as to pose their every move in front of them.
Omg, do not invite him! He is my own personal posey!

She want his attention so bad, she is such a posey for him.
by Jannel August 7, 2014
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Short term about anything that has to do with anything. Made up by the great Dustin. Mostly used by stoners and alcoholics.
"Let's posey over here." -Let's walk over here.
"Let's go smoke a posey."-Let's go smoke a joint.
by Jax December 24, 2004
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When you see a female you would love to have sexual intercourse with but also can't stand any word that comes out of her mouth. A person that any interaction other than sexual is like listening to nails on a chalk board
Man 1: Look at that piece over there.
Man 2: Yea she's hot but be careful because she's a posey.
by ItsYaBoyJeffie May 16, 2019
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From the characters that the American actress Parker Posey portrays on the screen. A person exhibiting the character traits af an asshole and/or being a cunt.
"That bitch is such a Parker Posey" and "Stop being such a Parker Posey, this is why people don't like you."
by Guilty1 May 21, 2018
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