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When a couple is engaged in anal sex and she shits all over his dick twice and he gently slides the shit off into a jar and microwaves on high for 8 minutes. After microwaving he then puts said shit jar into the refrigerator for half the night. When frozen he wakes up his girlfriend and asks her to eat the shit and cum popsicle. After girl does not want to eat shit/cum popsicle, he then bangs her over the head with the frozen jar filled with the mixture, and then flees to Portugal, until the authorities arrive.
Jack: Dude, I heard Danny totally pulled a Portuguese Chocolate on Havan.

Jim: Yeah man, I hear they're looking for him in Portugal.
by PortugeseChocolateBitches November 02, 2012
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this has 2 famous definitions:

1 - after the completetion of intercourse, the male takes off the condom and immediatiately shits into it, mixing his dump with the semen already in there. he then takes a pin (or pencil) and pokes a small hole in the end. he then squeezes it so the crap comes out in thin streams. the semen added makes it more "milky" like chocolate and also more liquid so its easier to squirt. the normal place to squeeze it is over the partners face/stomach. Always good after a reverse blumpy

2 - chocolate made in portugal (the european country)
dave loves his portuguese chocolate.

des told me that he accidently got his portuguese chocolate over his pillow last night, so when jane came in she knew what had happened.

i wrote my name over her with my portuguesse chocolate.
by Des Walker September 26, 2006
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