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kk first thing first, if you would like to pee, then simply let it slide on out, now pooping is a wholenother story. KK, this is very simple, simply poop then quickly cover with toilet paper, hiding the evidence of the dredful poop behind, then casually walk out of the portopotty, like nothing ever happened......

Once completing the porto potty pooping "method," successfully, this should be a no brainer. OK, if your a bit shy about peeing in public and your one of those freaks who have to pee "silently," then place toilet paper down directly before getting the urge to pee, this way the paper will be dry before it sinks into the toilet and looses its muffle. Pooping, is even more fun!! Sit down on the toilet and wait....wait till you get that feeling, to poop. Next place toilet paper down and plop one out, then when the next one comes, do the same, only FLUSH. The flushing will eliminate the foul odor of the FEESIS. Continue the same steps per every two dumplings.. and there you have it simple easy ways to pee and poop, trust me, they all work.
MOM: Now jimmy what do we do before we go poopy in PUBLIC?
JIMMY: I put toilet paper under my butt!!
MOM: I sware your smarter then me at about in portable potties?
JIMMY: I let it all out then COVER!!!!
by <K-Boom> July 07, 2006
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