1.)The misspelling of the word porsche, which is a luxury sports car.
2.)the name of a person who is comparable to the car (sleek, fast, expensive, ect.) if a person is refered to as a porshe, they are top of the line not many others compare.. they are the best money can buy.
3.)a term for describing something/someone that is better than the rest in terms of looks, quality, and great mileage.
wow, Porshe is as porshe as that sweet Porsche.
the person is as awsome as the car
by joshii September 27, 2007
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Something a dumb person would call a Porsche.
Retard: i liek porsh
Man: You mean Porsche, you retarded scum?
by KloniaX December 20, 2016
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An obvious common answer that isn't known or understood by a respondent. I.e like Porshe didn't know the Underground Railroad was not a real rail road.
Kandi- "The Underground Railroad was a real railroad!"

Nene- "Fool, it was not a real railroad."

Kandi- "Opps, I was having a Porshe Moment!"
by JDUBBZZ June 27, 2014
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To highly dislike or hate something
I really Porshed that movie.
I Porshed my friend.
by VermithraxInfo September 18, 2016
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