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An excellent but often neglected car.

Produced 1982-91; there is a flavor for everyone (except haters)

Due to low entry price and high maintenance costs they are often owned by lower income Porsche owners. Can be found in it's natural environment (craigslist) for $500 but you're better off buying one from a knowledgeable owner who has cared for the car. Early cars are lighter but later cars are near modern in construction and features.
944 owner "I drive a Porsche 944 S2 Coupe"
911 owner "you should have bought a real *porche*, not that white trash Audi"
944 owner: "My 944 is faster than your clapped out 75 targa, doesn't leak any oil, is immune to rust, has great air conditioning, 4-piston brembo brakes and actual cargo space"
911 owner: silence
by notarealporsche August 09, 2013
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Sounds like somebodys jealous.

Porsche 944- A car that was 40,000 for the naturally aspirated model when new in 1983. Contrary to my friends belief, the 944 was designed off of the 924. The rx7 was actually a ripoff of the 924 design, but good try.

While the N/a 944 will do a 1/4 mile in about 15.5, 0-60 in about 7.4 (Despite Porsches paper numbers), it would not get owned by a minivan or a civic. The Porsche 944 is a far supieror car.

Speed, the 944 N/a is slow. However the 944 Turbo (1/4 mile in 13.5- 0-60 in 5.4 STOCK) would eat many modern cars alive.
With the 944s2 and S not far behind it.

The car is 20 years old, so chances are it wll have some maitenene problems, but you dont see too many hondas on the road for 20 years.

Altogether a fantastic car. Was rated the best handing car in the world. People like Valance Drift (see deuschbag) dont know what they're talking about and are just angry because theyve been beat by a 25 year old German sports car.
Valance drifts piece of shit trans am got owned by my 944!!!! and its just a 25 year old sports car!!!!

Man i wish little shits like him would think before opening their mouths, He must be jealous because he doesnt own a Porsche, and im 17 and i own 3. I guess his poor ass will never own a true sports car.
by Rock August 23, 2005
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An excellent car.

Due to a balancing shaft and a transaxle design boasting 50/50 balance, the RWD Porsche 944 is a very fun car to drive. The later S2 boasts 6-pot calipers and the world's largest production 4 cylinder, coming in at 3.0l. Filled with a well designed, ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing German interior, this car is still a good buy today. Not the fastest but in turbo and S2 variants, fast enough to beat much younger sports cars, including MX-5's, Preludes, etc; not to mention any van.
Look at that guy in his Porsche 944! He's smart enough to tack it to an autocrossing event where it belongs! Thank God he's sensible enough not to risk everyones life by street racing! Cool!

The Porsche 944 S2 is such an awesome car! Only cooler car is the 968!
by Roder November 26, 2005
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The most tits car from the 80s/ever (that i can afford).
I wanna buy 1 as my first car.
Dumbass: My rice burner can smoke your Volkswagon. Its 20 years old. I bet its rusted through

Me: My porsche 944 will fix your wagon. Wanna put money on that, dolt ?

Dumbass: *Shits himself*
by 944 pimp July 29, 2006
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The Porsche bought by people who wish they could afford a real Porsche.
Hey ladies. I'll take ya for a ride in my Porsche 944 back to my mom's trailer where we'll have a three-way with my sister.
by av999 September 30, 2007
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A cheap arse piece of shit with a porsche badge, a car that the Germans truly fucked up just by releasing, forever tarnishing the good name of German engineering. Almost a bigger joke than the honda civic. Not rated by porsche purist's, enthusiasts or just any plain old cunt with the money to buy a ferrari, available to lower class scum who drive these cars to seem important and to make themselves look like they have money which they don't have and that their 944 is a cheap-shit bogan wagon which would get comprehensively destroyed on the 1/4 mile by honda odyssey's and toyota tarago's. Prone to clutch failure from 944 drivers riding the clutch too hard and just about any other fucking engine problem in the book, if two 944's dragged, they would probably both somehow lose, one would have clutch failure off the line and the others immobiliser would keep it grounded for its routine daily fuck up(yeah, blame the immobiliser).
And strangely enough the 944's cost of repairs is often very disproportionate to the actual cost of the car, once again, a pile of shit. A rival to the mighty rotary engined mazda rx7 which porsche tried to steal its design from in the early 1980's, and also another car that the 944 is absolutely OWNED!!! on the 1/4 by. Some owners are under the stupid impression that the 944's resale value is worth triple what they payed for even though they still triple fucked it over in the short time they had it (please somebody, explain to me how this theory works, wouldn't the value go down??? is it because they want to get the 20 g's they spent on repairs back???)
and like tom cruise says off risky business "porsche- there is no substitute" I have a substitute, it's called.... Not a fucking porsche 944!!!
944 driver- "the porsche badges add an extra 200hp to my car on their own, as does the milo tin muffler"
honda civic driver- "finally a car I have a chance to beat..."
spectator- "dude, u drive a civic, not cool".
944 driver- "look at all this rubbish, my porsche will kick all these skylines, rx7's, mx6's, celicas, supras, 200sx's, 300zx's, GTO's, s2000's, corvette's... pppffftttt u call a 5.7L V8 a powerful engine...I've got enough stickers on this car to shave 3 seconds off my 1/4 mile time"
corvette driver- "fuck off u cockdonkey hitler hailin' immigrant, my mum would beat you in her stock FWD automatic honda odyssey with 7 of yo mumma's kids in the car whilst towing a load of firewood!!!".
by vance drift February 28, 2005
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