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Another way to say "bust you up" or "kick your ass."
Little Timmy: "Hello sir, would you like some lemonade? It's only 50 cents."
Mr. Sanchez: "50 cents? You kidding me? How about 25?"
Little Timmy: "Sorry sir, no can do."
Mr. Sanchez: "Listen you little punk. You give me that there lemonade for this here quarter or you're in for a whoopin', y'hear?"
Little Timmy: "But..."
Mr. Sanchez: (kicks kid's wagon) "Listen you little shit! Give me that fucking lemonade NOW!"
Little Timmy: "You broke my wagon!"
Mr. Sanchez: "Oh I'll fix your wagon all right."
Little Timmy: "Awwwww shit nigga you done fucked up my whip, now you goin' down boy!"
Mr. Sanchez: "What the..."
(kid breaks out brass knuckles and fixes Mr. Sanchez's wagon)
by Nick D September 14, 2005
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