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Sounds like somebodys jealous.

Porsche 944- A car that was 40,000 for the naturally aspirated model when new in 1983. Contrary to my friends belief, the 944 was designed off of the 924. The rx7 was actually a ripoff of the 924 design, but good try.

While the N/a 944 will do a 1/4 mile in about 15.5, 0-60 in about 7.4 (Despite Porsches paper numbers), it would not get owned by a minivan or a civic. The Porsche 944 is a far supieror car.

Speed, the 944 N/a is slow. However the 944 Turbo (1/4 mile in 13.5- 0-60 in 5.4 STOCK) would eat many modern cars alive.
With the 944s2 and S not far behind it.

The car is 20 years old, so chances are it wll have some maitenene problems, but you dont see too many hondas on the road for 20 years.

Altogether a fantastic car. Was rated the best handing car in the world. People like Valance Drift (see deuschbag) dont know what they're talking about and are just angry because theyve been beat by a 25 year old German sports car.
Valance drifts piece of shit trans am got owned by my 944!!!! and its just a 25 year old sports car!!!!

Man i wish little shits like him would think before opening their mouths, He must be jealous because he doesnt own a Porsche, and im 17 and i own 3. I guess his poor ass will never own a true sports car.
by Rock August 23, 2005
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luser /loo'zr/ n. common A user; esp. one who is also a loser. ( luser and loser are pronounced identically.) This word was coined around 1975 at MIT. Under ITS, when you first walked up to a terminal at MIT and typed Control-Z to get the computer's attention, it printed out some status information, including how many people were already using the computer; it might print "14 users", for example. Someone thought it would be a great joke to patch the system to print "14 losers" instead. There ensued a great controversy, as some of the users didn't particularly want to be called losers to their faces every time they used the computer. For a while several hackers struggled covertly, each changing the message behind the back of the others; any time you logged into the computer it was even money whether it would say "users" or "losers". Finally, someone tried the compromise "lusers", and it stuck. Later one of the ITS machines supported luser as a request-for-help command. ITS died the death in mid-1990, except as a museum piece; the usage lives on, however, and the term `luser' is often seen in program comments and on Usenet.
That guy is a luser
by ROCK November 20, 2003
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short notation for the workd cracked
"I run a Halo clan called CRKD. It is the only clan that would go out of its way to put itself on urbandictionary.com

If other clans follow my lead, they are posers. We are the the forefront of brilliance. XD"

by Rock October 03, 2004
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An underground local Chicago band that is slowly making its mark across the United States. Some kickass songs include "Hands on the Bible", "Down on the Floor", and "PJ Soles".
Local H is an awesome alternative band out of Chicago. If you need new music, this is the one you must check out.
by Rock April 25, 2005
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Ba Boom! My man's got the big GIZZO!
by rock August 07, 2003
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Lesbian dinosaurs
two fat lesbian chicks going at it
Dude, I saw two lickalotapus today. It was terrible!
by Rock September 16, 2004
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another way of saying mate
what's happening cousin?
by rock November 27, 2004
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