1. A word used to describe a chunkyguy.

2. A chunky/ other wise not bad looking white dude.

3. A dumb blonde male with over chunked ego.
"Damn that boy gettin big! What a pork-chop!"
"Yeah, he's a fat ass, but he's a cute little pork-chop!"
She was compelled to notice him, due to his stupidity and 'bad ass' attitude, "what a freakin pork-chop!"
by shirre February 09, 2005
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When you are viewed as the "special guest star" in a couple's sexual relationship.
by Niki11111 September 07, 2017
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A slang term from cantonese and mandarin. meaning ugly fat girl, can be also used to insult women of being ugly.
Stupid pork chop get out my face, your ugliness is breaking me into tears
by lilxghettodragon July 12, 2005
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Pork Chops like to steal, isn't that right Jaime?

Hey don't those Pork Chops hit my weed, they are scavanger smokers.

Hey isn't Fat Joe the rapper a Pork Chop?
by Jamie PuertoRican July 22, 2004
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1). A derogatory terms toward the members of the portuuese race. Literally referencing the similair sounding of Portuguese as well as comparing the people to a slab of meat.

2). A piece of meat from the pig.

3). A woman who has sex with animals in exchange for currency. A flithy woman with no shame.
1). Tell that mothafucking porkchop that he's ugly.

2). That porkchop is eating porkchops.

3). Look at that slutty porkchop eating porkchops with that fat ass porkchop.
by Storytelling Sam February 01, 2006
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