Person or persons who steal packages off of unsuspecting customers porches or front door areas.
"Man, I just got my shit stolen from a porch pirate"
by DigglerOU812 December 8, 2011
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One or more people that unlawfully enter a property with the goal of stealing newly delivered packages from the doorstep of a private home before the items have been secured.
You Buy It, We Steal It! - Porch Pirates have welcomed themselves to your door
by wise_coinmaster January 1, 2018
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A person who, ( self explanatory hint), steals your Amazon deliveries right of your front porch.
The term porch pirate may have been invented by Adam Carolla. Why become a porch pirate when you can just loot a California train?
by Sexydimma January 15, 2022
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The act of going directly to someone's place of residence and leaving them a package, rather than sending it through the mail. The contents can be anything from a glitter bomb to a legitimate gift.
I'm bored and that prick who stole my lunch last week isn't home, so I'm gonna reverse porch pirate him with my cat's used litter.
by blue_heart February 14, 2023
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