A word meaning : excellent, awesome, great. Use starting in South Wales, with Hazel and Rhys.

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by Master Porc September 27, 2005
A white woman that has had extensive plastic surgery. Mainly Rhinoplasty to make the nose tiny and thin. Lip injections, to gain a Fish-Lips look. Along with having giant, white Porcelain Veneers installed over their own natural teeth.
I don't know who told women that the Porce look was attractive, but they must have seen these women through a cataract. These models look so disgusting, that I want to throw a fish hook in their mouth and cast them into the water!
by the2ndflood March 11, 2008
Another name for a toilet. Especially when taking about the toilet aggressively.
I have to hit the porce so bad after class today.
by Doctor_Coctor November 29, 2018
porc is simply flesh/meat of a pig.
there is a lot of porc available in the supermarkets and slaughteries like porcchop porcrolled legham shoulderham bacon and sausages.they also sell hotdogs in snackbars etcetera.muslims are not allowed to eat porc because they say a pig is an unsanitary animal.
by omar afifi August 5, 2006
to obtain learge amounts of pleasure from someone sucking the others genetalia
will u sucmi-porc
by wendy sucmi-porc May 6, 2003
"Porc-épic" is the french word for porcupine, a little animal that you don't care about until the day you step on it (and since then you know it's not a pleasant feeling).

You know, I'm French and for you I went looking for a (true) definition of porc-épic in a french newspaper (Le Parisien) :
"Porc-épic est un nom vernaculaire ambigu désignant en français certains rongeurs qui se répartissent en deux familles, les Hystricidae, les porcs-épics de l'ancien Monde et les Erethizontidae, ceux du nouveau Monde."
Don't worry, I translate :
"Porc-épic is an ambiguous vernacular name for certain rodents that are divided into two families, the Hystricidae, the porcupines of the Old World, and the Erethizontidae, those of the New World."

Etymologically, it is assumed that porc-épic is an alteration of "porte-espic" (spikes-bearer); but this is refuted by the concordance of the Romance languages in comparing this animal to a pig (porc is literally pig in french).
"Oh non, j'ai marché sur un porc-épic, il va falloir amputer"
"Oh no, I stepped on a porcupine, we'll have to amputate"

"Ce cochon est épique"
"This pig is epic." (in french, "porc-épic", porcupine, is pronounced as "porc épique", epic pig)
by Croissant (i'm french) March 11, 2021
When a guy called Jad is fat.
Oh my god! Ew wanna be Jad le porc.
by kastsuku October 11, 2020