Sexual intercourse where the hymen is broken, primarily occurs in virgin females.
I popped my girlfriend's cherry, it was her first time.
by meepster March 24, 2005
Josh: Yo bro, why is Becky absent today??
Kyle: I heard Chad was popping a cherry with her in the girl's bathroom and she had to go home!
Josh: Damn it be like that sometimes..
by justaboredguyonurbandictionary January 27, 2020
When you fuck a girl soo hard u make her bleed and u make it hurt and ur penis comes out bloody
i fucked ill arota soo hard i popped her cherry
by Chris Anderson June 17, 2003
When marzia explained to felix what “pop the cherry” meant
Marzia: It’s time to pop the cherry
Félix: What!?
by Hasshasshin2 September 8, 2019
a phrase felix arvid ulf kjellberg aka pewdiepie doesn't know how to use properly
Felix, holding a bottle of alcohol, going to pop it open: im going to pop the cherry
later, marzia on twitter: i just had to explain to felix what "pop the cherry" actually means
by sub2pewdiepie12 September 8, 2019
When a guy takes away a girl's virginity by having sex with her breaking her hymen(a thin layer of skin covering the vagina).
I went to pop the cherry when she was 18
by guyftfgudfy March 6, 2016