What a black man takes to the movie theater, in substitute of popcorn.
Damn nigga, I hate these white people movie theaters not selling some good old fashioned popcorn chicken.
by Axel Grimm July 02, 2011
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1. a phrase to tell someone to get off of you when you think they are going to suffocate you to let them know you are serious

2. a code word for telling someone you have to leave just so they can be the first one to say goodbye and not feel abandoned
1. person 1: BUNKBEDS!
person 2: AHHH! popcorn chicken!

2. Person 1: popcorn chicken
person 2: ok i have to go
person 1: me too bye!
by lalala0101 April 26, 2007
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the chosen gastronomic delight of checkers players the world over. although saint jackolas will claim responsibility, colonel sanders invented this delicacy in 1867, on the checkers battlefield.
"the colonal has outdone himself with this addictive and health damaging product...top draw fast food" - Rob McLean, checkers hero and popcorn chicken addict
by failure33object April 23, 2005
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When you suck your own penis like a chicken eating off the ground
As I leaned against the wall I slowly ,Gentally placed my erection against my lips,I knew I had mastered the Chicken Popcorn!
by Chicken Popcorn March 07, 2016
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