To get something started. Whether an engagement, function, fight or party. An old term would be “bout that action
Although she seems quiet and humble don’t underestimate her, she still pop shit.
by Manifest.mommy December 01, 2019
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Popping shit is a term that means to talk shit about another person or start a fight with them. This term first came around in 1995 era hip hop, way before the notion of "scene kids" was even dreamt of.

Since "Popping shit" originated with mid 90s hiphop, it's perfectly acceptable to say it in public and even makes the person using the term seem more well-read than the average bear.
"Are you popping shit with me? Are you popping shit with ME? Nobody pops shit with me, bwoy. Nobody POPS SHIT with ME!"

(*Frightened, bewildered detractor inches away, and puts his gun down...just before shitting his pants.*)
by AgentChainsawlady November 12, 2009
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A common phrase generally used to request that someone pop their pimple.
Dude you need to pop that shit. I can't stop looking at it.
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Going to show off or express themselves
Example 1: I’m having hella racks now imma pop my shit

Example 2: She was talking bout fighting so you know I had to pop my shit
by PrinceSlatt27 October 14, 2020
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When you have a fart stuck behind your shit, and when you push the fart out, the shit goes flying!
DUDE!! last night i shit-popped all over my cereal!!!
by Hairy Richard Jr. November 18, 2011
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1) A popsicle-like frozen treat, made out of frozen shit.
2) A small ball (usually no larger then, let's say, half an oreo) made out of shit that one can pop into his mouth. A snack of shit, if you will.
1) Ice Cream Man: Shit pops! Shit pops! Get your Shit Pops!
2) New Nabisco Shit Pops! Pop 'em into your mouth for a shittastic time!
by Cecil Love August 02, 2006
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