1. A trendy style of music marketed as rap music; it actually sounds more like R and B. Although the rappers look "gangsta" and have all that bling bling, they usually sing (yes. They sing instead of rap) about going to parties and getting crunk and having every girl at their call. Most - if not all - singles have a female guest. Examples: Nelly, Ludacris, Anyone who sings with Ciara.

2. Music that "waters down" the content of rap music to fit a young, pre-teen, easily lured, pop audience: see Lil' Bow Wow, Lil' Romeo.
1. -Did you go to the Ludacris concert last night? Everyone was there, you know...

--No; I don't like pop rap.
by aleclair November 29, 2005
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Garbage rap music. It is created only for the purposes of making money and pleasing the masses. Pop rap has absolutely no artistic or creative merit whatsoever.
by sug-almighty June 27, 2005
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Fake ass rap that little kids listen to because it make them feel gangsta.
50-Cent, G-Unit, Usher, The Game, Eminem, etc.
by Freakazoid May 23, 2005
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the type of rap white people like but it isnt really rap
usher, j-kwon, 50 cent, jay-z, nelly, ja rule, outkast, chingy
by Lil' C July 27, 2004
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The term "Franglish Pop & Rap," is a combination of "rhythm-based lyricism of hip hop music and Pop music which fused the with preference for melodious vocals and catchy tunes, influenced by American hip-hop which was developed in the French-speaking countries such as Canada, France, West Africa, and the French Caribbean countries, sung by artist of Haitian origin and over live instrumentals and, or backing tracks.

Typical instruments are:
Modern synthesizer, Drum machine, Robotic voice, Talkbox, Microphone, Saxophone, Electronic Drums, Trumpet, Tombone, Backing track, DAW, Sampler, Loops, Drums kits, Electric Guitar, Bass guitar, Singing, Effects, Vocoder, Rapping, Piano/Keyboard/Keytar, KeyBass, Hooks/ Lyrical melodies and Harmonies, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Ostinatos, Rap-singing.

Just like most Euro-Pan-American Pop & Rap songs, most Franglish Pop & Rap songs typically use hip-hop beats and raps with strong melodic hooks, which are usually featured as part of the chorus section in a standard pop-song.

And the lyrics of Franglish Pop & Rap songs are often lighthearted, mellow, more sanguine style with choruses similar to those heard in Pop music with less aggressive lyrics than street-level rap music, but the lyrics remain typically in French.

A notable label of this kind of Franglish Pop & Rap is Negre Marron Records which was founded in New York City 2018 by René Guemps.
His Franglish Pop & Rap Maxi-Single is number in Canada.
by Negre Marron Records July 14, 2019
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Pop rap, mainstream rap music, that also contains some elements of pop. A rap that combines elements of trap, pop, reggae pop/reggae fusion, hip hop, electro pop, emo rap, drum and bass, r&b and drill, 80 to 90 percent of it is by mainstream american rappers. Some famous pop rap artists: 50 cent, pop smoke, post malone, frank ocean, dominic fike, doja cat, the kid laroi, xxxtentacion, lil uzi vert, post malone, drake, blackbear, the weeknd, taio cruz, future, drake, migos, lil wayne, tyga, william or lil baby.
My favourite pop rap artist is lil baby.
by Dogmilk57 Nightcore March 13, 2021
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