1. A fuck-tarded name for fart

2. The ultimate n00b Halo Custon Edition user, who tells everyone his plans to do you-know-what with newborn babies and hippos. Uses the name 'POOTY__TOOT' and usually plays Yoyorast Island, Coldsnap, and Hugeass
me: STFU, fag!

Pooty__Toot: I like to fuck shit covered newborn babies
me: STFU, fag!
by Ochre Beaner December 26, 2007
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Verb: It is when a woman farts. It is characterized by a more feminine fart, usually sounding airy and light.
Example of a use in a sentence: "Girl, did you just fart?" "No baby, I just pooty tooted."
by Trixxy Klugenstein November 01, 2009
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noun: to fart
verb: a fart
Who pooty tooted?
Hey! I can smell your pooty toot from accross the room!
by ellen March 01, 2004
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