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You're all wrong. Pooter is not the definition for pussy, it is the definition for an asshole. if poot means to fart, then the pooter is the thing that creats the poot.
" the girls pooter smelt like dog shit while i was fucking her last night"

"did you just poot?"
by meatmusket46 July 21, 2009
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release of gas. Like a fart. Often used in Hawai'i as a slang word.
can be used as a verb. 1. pooted. 2. poot.
Guy: *fart*
Girl: OMG did you...just fart? i can taste it! gross!
Guy: nooooo
Girl: OMG YOU DID YOU TOTALLY POOTED. you're such a stinky pooter! how could you poot on me!
by grumpypooper October 03, 2011
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A crazy pooch that sports a crown and purple hair. This dog flies at random.
Someone get Mr. Pooters away from the cupcakes!
by Darren Karaba March 06, 2006
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