You're all wrong. Pooter is not the definition for pussy, it is the definition for an asshole. if poot means to fart, then the pooter is the thing that creats the poot.
" the girls pooter smelt like dog shit while i was fucking her last night"

"did you just poot?"
by meatmusket46 July 21, 2009
An Endearing Nickname For A Person Or Your Favorite Person.
"Hi Pooter, I Missed You."

"Pooter, Can You Do Me A Favor ...?"
by QueenJayy August 31, 2015
The slang term for the female vagina, coming from the term Poon Tang.
by Jonny D April 1, 2004
My pooter hurt after OstrichJr came over and did the nasty in my booty.
by Maggy July 31, 2003
A term used to describe an adorable dog. Pooter can also be a name for a dog.
"Awww, look at the pooter! What a cutie pie!"
by Chaloo October 25, 2011
A phrase coined in Macon, Georgia by resident stoners.

A Pooter is a device that uses any of the following items in order to construct a homemade waterfall/bong.

Bottles: 2 liters, Sobe glass, Liquor handles, 20 oz., and the like.

Bowl: Aluminum foil, hardware socket, oil funnel, or traditional bowl and slide.

Water: Either as a filtration device(bong) or as a means of "pulling" on a lit bowl, thus filling the bottle with smoke.

The traditional pooter consists of the following:

Bacardi Gold 1.5 liter glass bottle
1/2" socket bowl with screen
Good Quality Marijuana

Instructions on how to produce/smoke the Traditional Pooter:

1. Drink the entire contents of your Bacardi Gold bottle.

2. Nurse Hangover the next day.

3. Take empty bottle of Bacardi Gold and chip a small hole at the bottom of the bottle. There is a place just above the base where a "lip" is formed and the glass is at its shallowest. Chip into this and you should have no problems with cracks. BE CAREFUL.

Also, be sure the hole is not too big. When you put water in the bottle you want there to be a slow, steady stream in order to pull every last bit of smoke out of your green. Too big of a hole and the pull will be too much, too fast and you'll be left with very little smoke.

4. Now set aside the bottle. Take the Bacardi Gold cap and carefully form a hole into it. This is tricky, because you want the hole to be JUST big enough to put your bowl in and still maintain air tightness. If the hole becomes too big, melt a bit of candle wax or like substance around the spots where it is not air tight and it should do the trick.

5. Place bowl in the hole made on the cap(again, check for air tightness) and fill bowl with your weed. Set cap/bowl contraption aside.

6. With your finger on the hole on the base of the bottle, fill up your Bacardi Gold bottle with water almost to the very top. A good rule of thumb is have the water reach half way up the neck.

7. Now screw your cap/bowl contraption onto the water filled bottle.

8. Take a lighter and place over the weed and release finger from the hole at the base of the bottle simultaneously. If the Pooter has been constructed correctly, the flame from the lighter should be pulled into the bowl and the weed should be lit perfectly. You will see the smoke begin to take the place of the water as it continues to drain.

9. Leave a small amount of water behind, unscrew your cap/bowl contraption, and place hand on both holes(base and mouth).

10. Shake the bottle with the little bit of water left over in order to cool the smoke for a cleaner hit.

11. Take hands off both holes and inhale through mouth of bottle.

12. Repeat smoking instructions until desired stone/high has been achieved.

Vocabulary associated with the Pooter includes:

Pooting- the act of smoking a pooter

The Poot-Poot: An affectionate term of endearment for the pooter.

Pooted: High as FUCK.

That Pooter got me straight foolish, son.

Joe: *walks outside*
CD: What's up?
Joe: *laughs for 5 mins and walks back inside*
Emerson: That niggas Pooted.
by Sir Emerson August 21, 2008