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When one is so high that no other word can encompass their highness. Being poosed is beyond being baked, stoned, zooted, blazed, etc. It can be describes as having no perception of the space-time continuum. This high is so high you wont make sense talking to sober people, and can only explain your reasoning by"i'm just poosed". often times poosed-city evolves from mixing alcohol and marijuana.
"Yo, did you watch that Northwestern football game?"

"Yea that was a great one, but I was so poosed that I had to leave before the credits. Man I'm still poosed"
"Last night I was one poosed goose. I'm pretty sure I kidnapped a bunny and ran around with it on campus"
by Cats17 October 06, 2013
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To be poosed is to have an unwelcome guest enter your room, and akwardly stand until they realize they are not welcome in your room.
Guy 1: "Yo dude I was just chillin in my room and I totally got poosed"
Guy 2: "wow bro that sucks, he got me too like five minutes ago"
by winbro December 08, 2009
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