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When you're fingering a girl and you give her the shocker, and it results in your finger(s) being covered in fecal matter.
"I just gave her the shocker and now I have poopy fingers."

Aw man, there's poopy fingers doing what he does best.
by RoyPamCassie October 05, 2010
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The correct term for Poopy Finger is the unintentional slipage of your finger off the tolite paper onto you greasy butthole, resulting in a "POOPY FINGER". If not washed will result in a nasty stomach when pablo servers you your soup. See Poopy Soup!
Pablo's poopy finger in my soup tore up my stomach....
by Captain Spanky October 24, 2007
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When you wipe your butt hole after a poop, and your finger gets poop on it.
John got poopy finger after he forgot to use toilet paper
by Nandez September 27, 2006
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This midevil game is a favorite past time of the Polish people to entertain themselves on those coold lonely nights. Start by inserting index finger into rectal cavity making sure to get good brown coverage. Next wipe it on the face of 2nd participant. Participant number 2 should then in turn repeat the first step. He who hath the longest skid mark in the end wins...No pun intended. This game can also provide one with hours of non-stop entertainment if tested on unsuspecting parties.
Todds mom enjoys hours upon hours of poopy finger until ammunition runs out.
by Chad Jackson December 31, 2003
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