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1.A bunch of obvious nonsensical baloney that somebody tries to pass off as the truth.
2.Hogwash and bullshit rolled into one.
3.What politicians in Washington are trying to accomplish.
4.Tools you use in the bathroom to cleanse yourself when you are done defecating.
5.The constant elimination of waste with no end in sight.
1." Look at this stimulus bill it will jumpstart the economy"!...that is poopery how will it do that when you are borrowing and spending money like water!?
2.Universal Health care.
3.Toilet paper, soup, bidets, water and the filipino 'Tabo" or "Cabo"= a cup used for splashing water in the "poopery" area.
by Jingobingo February 03, 2010
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Another word for crapper or toilet or john. It's derived from terms such as apothecary.
Sean: Why are you sweating so profusely in this cold weather?
George: I need to go to the poopery. Fast.
by word_inventor_2014 July 10, 2014
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A place where so much excrement occurrs perhaps after eating a lot or where you go to make room for thanksgiving dinner.
I just ate so much this Thanksgiving I am the Queen of the poopery!
by JoeKnee March 10, 2016
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