An item used to hide poop from mommy (Typically stored under the bed). Don’t let her find it.
Mom found my poop sock :(“
by Rikogordsberry February 5, 2019
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A poop sock is a sock that is used for defecation. You must hide it from everyone, especially your mother, if she finds it you will be destroyed by space and time and will cease to exist.
Y'all gotta hide me my mom found my poop sock and she's looking for me. If she finds me i'm going to die
by ishidmypant March 20, 2019
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Something that is hidden under everyone’s bed just Incase they have to drop a load in the middle of the night, and don’t wanna get up
Mom: why is there a sock of of poop under your bed

Me: mom that’s just my poop sock
by GekyumesDad May 7, 2019
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The term poop sock was probably derived from the French word "popsuk", meaning 'Brown cream. The use of "poop sock" in Ireland derives from the Irish word ‘poop soki’. In either case both have the same meaning and origin. Before caming, one would have to try and came in a safe place. Often times one would release his relish in a sock. If cold outside, it was common practice to put the sock on and embrace the warmth of the came. Here in the year 2020 sock caming is quite boring. That is why we all now embrace the traditions of our forefathers and fill the ‘poop sock’ with feces like badasses. Leave in the fridge for a tasty treat later or a very dangerous weapon for self protection or random splurges for vigilante shit.
Dad was caming in a sock like an old retard so I decided to beat him with my frozen poop sock

Jimmys wife pleasures herself with my poop socks, both soft and frozen.
by Bigdeepandjuicy December 28, 2019
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A sock used as temporary storage for human excrement (usually shit) generally used by people who either don't have access to toilets, or hardcore gamers who also don't have access to a toilet because you can't pause online games, mom.
Oh shit mom sound the poop sock, forgot to throw it out after the roblox gaming shesh!
by TWEFJ November 29, 2019
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