when all the gayest cunts go to the same bush doof
fucken check out this poof doof
by fuckendicksauceyacunt November 6, 2020
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Poofed: When you have had too much of something, you couldn't possibly have any more.

Synonyms: starffed, shanked, full.
Antonyms: starvin, hungy
Richo, "mate i'm poofed, I couldn't possibly take another bite."

Me, "what'd you call me mate?"
by carelisaslopee! August 7, 2017
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Having gone down on your girl, and she doesn't tell you she is on her period. You have probably consumed copious of alcohol and not realized your face is covered in blood. Its a bonus if you have a flat mate and when you walk out the room (with that cheeky grin that you just got laid) and your flat mate see's you.
(Flat mate) He/she would respond, "Ha ha, you've been poof guava'd".

Looking in the mirror, and seeing the clown makeup of the joker that you didn't see coming -"poof guava".
by #wordplay September 14, 2017
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Guys that go "poof" out of nowhere. You meet them and they are amazing or so you think, and you really hit it off. They text you and maybe even call you. Then they just disappear off the face of the planet. Never to talk to you or see you again. No explanation. They are either douchebags, or they didn't get what they wanted, or they used you and are onto the next unsuspecting girl.
That guy never called me back! Everything was going great, then he was gone! he's one of those "poof guys."
by SFisbetterthanchicago July 16, 2013
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Germans refer to gay men (herr) as "poof herrs."
by Anonymous June 17, 2003
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When a pixy stick is inserted into ones anus then fart and shoot the dust into your buddy's mouth!
Louie got pinkeye from poofing at a party last night
by Cockulous_prime June 24, 2021
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