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Pooby: 1. An affectionate term insinuating that the person worthy of affection is also behaving in a silly, cute, or utterly adorable way. For example, when 'pooby' has just put the milk in the cupboard instead of putting it in the fridge, or when 'pooby' has just said 'I can has that cd right there?' in the way that lol cats often speak. It can be fair to say that this term can also insinuate that the person has just been adorable for looking attractive without subjecting himself to acts of loll cat talking, and other forms of strangeness.

Pooby: 2. A sandwich containing poo, peanut butter, and jelly. This sandwich is usually shipped to someone you do not like anonymously, similar to Sharon Stone.
Pooby: 1. Aww, pooby, don't cry after you spilled your dinner on yoru shirt!
2. After giving pooby a footrub for absolutely nothing, he then pranked me by placing a whoppie cushion under my ass. Thanks pooby. Thanks.

Pooby: 2. I packed a gourmet looking pooby on expensive bread and wrapped it up all nice before putting it in the fridge at work. That'll stop them from stealing my lunch all the damn time.
by lusterwings May 17, 2010
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what you get when you cross a poodle with a bijon
A pooby is a cute dog but has a rowdy personality
by B Moore March 27, 2008
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A person with large fake breasts, but instead of silicone, they are filled with poop.
"Dude, that chick's poobies are gonna like leak all over your face man!"

"Like, omg I think my poobies are like rotting! I like tots can't get the smell of poop out of my bras!"

"Hey bra, I loved sucking on your mom's stinky poobies last night."
by Nutters Nutsack August 14, 2013
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When women work out and get a cross between Pectoral muscles and Breasts.
"Man that chick on the Bowflex commercial had some rock hard Poobies! But they're not for me, man."
by AmazingFuzzle July 12, 2008
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breasts that are so awful they look like brown pancakes nailed on the girls chest
Sara has poobies, i probably wouldn't do her.
by dre dre dre July 23, 2008
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