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A party in which all of the activities involve poo. Diarrhea is used for finger painting and diarrhea balloon fights (funnels are suggested for getting the diarrhea into the balloons, but getting poo all over you is half the fun). Solid poo is used for spin the poo (you get a dirty sanchez or a cleaveland steamer instead of a kiss), pin the poo on the donkey (the face of another party-goer is a great substitute when you're fresh out of donkeys), and sculpting poo (poo can be baked to preserve your work). Poo with corn and peanuts serves as a great snack while poo smoothies are a great thirst quenchers, and poo burritos are a treat everyone will love. The best poo parties always end with a butt fiesta.

It is suggested that party-goers eat a big meal, preferably chock full of beans, and take laxatives before attending to really increase the level of poo fun. And, if you want to get the party started a little early, wear a diaper all day before attending. That way, you should have plenty of poo ready to go when the poo party starts.
Those cool kids at the Palo Alto House throw the best poo parties! I wish I had as much fun with my poo as those crazy kids.

Did you hear about that poo party Brad held last weekend? I hear Ward showed up and had everyone chili dog her while she masturbated to a picture of Villiers, the poo party queen.
by poo party panda February 16, 2007
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