Quick status cocaine dealers. They usually have large quantities ready within the hour.
"Hey man can you get me some more of this blow?!"

"Hold on let me call the pony express. Check back in ten minutes"
by bnasssssty May 07, 2010
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Man with a small penis, who also cums fast.
I never would have banged him if I would have known, that I'd be riding the Pony Express.
by BobTheMob January 08, 2015
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the act of defecating into a mailbox. a particularly difficult technique usually used as a punishment.
-Dude, Bill Six shit in his ex-girlfriend's mailbox!
-Ah, yes, the pony express!
by jhubillsixfan March 08, 2005
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While having sexual relations from behind, the giver takes a tube sock, and uses it as a bridle to rein in the taker.
The best part of using the pony express technique, is it forces your gilrfriend to shut up during intercourse.
by Outlaw Avionics April 03, 2008
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When a Female partner has 1 or more earings in each ear, and before engaging in sexual intercourse fashioning reins out of string or leather strips. Then once the reins are created you mount her from behind and yell stop 1 and engage in the mail delivery across the west.
Hey Black Beauty/Hildalgo i need to deliver a package via pony express. Turn around and let me show you the wild west. Gidde Up its time for The Pony Express
by evcar mayman September 05, 2011
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The first American means to expediently deliver the mail during the course of this country's Westward-Expansion(in which point the most important mail was being brandied-about like chattel w the hope of IT being received & implemented by some or all of it's recipients (who were already in debt (implicitly)
If you're paying Cost of Supervision to an Office collecting urine, the Pony-Express is likely already in your head w America's own storied-past also still in your head (& waiting to be told)
by BDF-Hybrid(cubed) February 05, 2018
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Jam Pony Express DJs began in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 1981. It's original members are DJ Slic Vic, Diamond Dick, Hot Rod and Mr. M.B. Later members included Lock Cool Jock, Sporty "J" and Big Ace. Jam Pony's claim to fame was "regulating" on the microphone by cutting the music down and talking over the lyrics to create a new song. J.P.E. dropped an LP in 1994 on Express Records, which is affiliated with 2-4-1 Entertainment in Tampa.
"regulating" on the microphone by cutting the music down and talking over the lyrics to create a new song.
by 84boy November 17, 2004
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