A very-very-very good looking guy with an extremly large penis and he is very good at having sex and you will have a very good time hanging out with an pontus he is very sweet and cares about love
Hot girl: hi
Pontus: hi

Hot girl: whats your name?
Pontus: pontus
Hot girl: "melts"
by Penis master art December 12, 2016
Pontus is the white Kanye West, if Kanye West was humble.
Is that superman?

No, it's just Pontus.
by Mr pseudonym 555 August 30, 2017
Pontus is one man's name as derived until the Greek word Pontos, "sea". Like a tsunami he is plowing everything in its path. Also known to cause even the most loyal of girls to turn on their boyfriends. Talented with music, words and kills in any sport he plays in (even games).

Strong like kangaroo. Some cosider to be on the staus of not only a god, but THE GOD.

- Ey, Pontus you sexy beast!
- Sup dude!
by Coola grabben December 13, 2016
someone who sucks waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much dick
you sucked my dick 535535 times now stop being a pOnTuS
by Pontus is a dciiiiiickkk March 26, 2019
A code word for a sexual predator, or someone who regularly lies about their age.
I found this cool dude named Beavis the other day. He said he's 17.
Beavis? He told me he was 23.
Damn, guess we ran into a pontus.
by NewNew7777 February 18, 2022
An handsome tall guy who plats some sort of teamsport like fotball. He’s a good looking who are kind, humble, funny and straight guy. He is a master with the ladies and always wins. He know hos to take a hit both fysical and psycholical. His has awsome music taste and his eighter rich or have a wealthy man in his family.

Pontus mean ocean just like Poseidon menas ocean. Some people’s mean that he’s sort of like a good ”legendary”. Pontus is foten mixt up with ”The man, the myth, the legend. Even if you think that when you meet a Pontus he wont confes that he is one beacuse his humble.

He has a lot of friends and girls make lines to meet him some people mesn that he’s a player/fuck bot but hes a gentleman and would never do that do to once again hes humble.

He’s also very smart like 200 IQ Einstain askt a Pontus to make his breaktrougs in his carrier. To wrap it up his a bloddy genius. And if anybody says anything else thier losers no matter what.
He’s the best person i ever meet. He,s a Pontus!!
by Awsomedude_1994 March 28, 2019