A word which here means rubbish, totally crap or of such cheap origins it is laughable. Originally created in mockery of a holiday in such a horrible place by the masters of words Adam and TeeJay in Maths 2006.
Eurgh!! Look at that kia... Pontins!
She was a bit... Pontins!
by Adam Fishy July 9, 2006
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Pontins... a place where chav parents go on holiday to let their mini chavs run around screaming like twats while they get drunk, stoned and give each other STD’s, guaranteed to see at least 50 pikeys having a scrap, often compared to auschwitz but without the gas, though if interested visit the restaurant (don’t, please don’t, unless that’s what you’re in to)
Chardonnay: where we going on holiday init Kev

Kev: pontins init, sun holidays have it for £9.50
by Sergej June 27, 2021
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1. a: A hairy asshole.
b: Usually found on a forest ranger.
2: a: Axel frog.
b: 50 Cent
3: a: Furry tennis BALLS.
Ex 1: Godammit! Did you see the pontin on that kid?

Ex 2: Godammit! When that forest range needed to groove, his pontins were in the wide open, and he told us they had pride.

Ex 3: Godammit! What the fuck is up with this pontin singer person frog.

Ex 4: Godammit! That pontin was shot in da hood!

Ex 5: Godammit! You stole my extra furry pontin. Don't carress it. Or, massage it. You'll break it! FUCK!
by Butros June 22, 2006
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As avid pontin park goers we are fuming at the
absolute state of our stinkin room that is sold as a
"family holiday'
:. Upon arrival there was an
unidentifiable item under the queen bed, we had a re-
jig of the bed but we did not dare to touch what
looked like a unwelcomed log!! The bed itself had a
stench but all in all managed to get our 40 winks. We
assumed the room would have more of a chic feel yet i
felt like i was trapped in my youth (1970s) the patterns
on the curtains made me and my husband chronically
dizzy. Have to say though an absolute classic and hit
with the kids, very easy to forget their there HAHA!
Signing off from ronny, have a great summer at pontins 🤩
by Ronald cordette July 15, 2022
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