British slang dating from the mid to late nineteenth century, meaning soldiers. Soldiers were not popular at this time as Kipling’s poem Tommy shows (Barrack Room Ballads 1892). The word itself stems from expressions used by comedians in theatres and music halls to get a cheap laugh. The two that are most commonly quoted are "where the army goes the pong goes", or “when the wind blows the pong goes”, pong meaning smell. This quickly became pongoes meaning soldiers plural and pongo meaning an individual. Another possible explanation is that the soldiers were being likened to a large, hairy, smelly ape called a pongo. The expression is still in use today although not common, confined mainly to those who saw service in World War II or Korea (very few now) or who did National Service in Britain while this was still compulsory.
Ambulance chasing lawyers, seeking compensation for terrorists, still see soldiers as pongoes.
by AKACroatalin February 18, 2016
British slang dating from the mid-nineteenth century, meaning soldiers. It stems from a snide expression used by music hall comedians to get a cheap laugh "where the army goes the pong goes", pong meaning smell. This quickly became pongoes meaning soldiers plural and pongo meaning an individual. Still in use today although not common.
When a regiment is given the freedom of a city, the pongoes are allowed to march through it bayonets fixed and colours flying.
by Croatalin January 27, 2014
An army guy.

Origin: Pembroke/Petawawa, Ontario, Canada
"That Debbie slut is after the pongo's again. Skank!"
by Cyr July 11, 2003
Nickname for a boy (17-30ish )in the British Army.
Gets in fights with Matlows and/or Crabs
Likes to drink a lot and pull (snog, shag)any Shaz, Tracy or Janner they find.
A female pongo will pull any Matlows, Crabs or Pongos she can find.
Orgin "Where ever the army goes the pong goes."
"Mate did ya pull last night?"
"Yeah, 3 pongos, 2 crabs and like 5 matlows
by Eva January 7, 2004
Slang for a lazy good for nothing person who doesnt benefit in any positive way.

When you think of a Pongo, you would think of something that displeases all senses in any way.
Hey Helen, want to look at the python in my pocket?

Fuck off, Pongo, shes obviously in a state of shock that you are more of a threat to the environment than nuclear bombs.
by Dafralanatah December 1, 2009
Horny, attractive young army guys who will do anything to get with a girl for the night.
Don't do it April, they're just a bunch of Pongos.
by Captain Casm October 19, 2005
A person who doesn't believe in using deodorants but happy to use recreational drugs. They also have tendancies for being vegan to "save the planet" and blaming everyone for all that's wrong in their lives.
"I was with this crazy pongo the other night! She went like a train! Such a shame about her hygiene"
by King for a day 1994 December 29, 2021