The way in which a 'ponce' may act. The actions of a pompous tosser who thinks their value is higher than it is actually worth. The actions of one who thinks they are either overly stylish, cool or smart etc, when usually their IQ is akin to a fruit and they seem like a stunt double for one of the 'idiots' on the programme 'Nathan Barley'. Usually anyone with half a brain tends to laugh at these types, but unfortunately for society, this type of action is actually accepted amongst the 'Celeb' and 'Music' industry with open arms and is also worshipped. Oh well.
Fucken' 'ell, I'm sick of that David Beckham and his poncey ways and his girly clothes.
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The nicest sweetest kid you'll ever meet.He's funny and super smart. You wish you knew him. But watch out because if you mess with him or his GF he will mess with you.
by IDK<3 February 6, 2009
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A description of any British subject born south of the Watford gap. Refers to said peoples' ineptitude at masculine activities, such as drinking, footie and fighting, and their penchant for indulging in more flamboyant activities, such as cocktails, opera and casual homosexuality. Also, they wear coats.
Geordie 1: Look at that soft schoodent in his scarf and duffel coat.
Geordie 2: Poncey southern git.
by TheGuvornor October 13, 2010
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What habitants of the north of England (or scotland) will use to refer to *cough* richer *cough* better-looking *cough* people of the south of England.
Yorksman: Aye ye, ye poncey southern git!

Essex person: Oh yeah? *knocks yorksman out*
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
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To order a side portion of gravy (or other sauce), choosing to dip rather than commit.
Sorry mate, we don’t serve Poncey Dippers in this chippy. There’s a gastropub up the road. Get the fuck out of here!
by MickyToiletDuck May 3, 2018
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