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(N.) Sizeable Creature often found lurking around the Uxbridge Highschool hallways or the Mill, have been seen driving an ugly blue jeep.

During the colder months the beast is in a state referred to as "Pomintron", in which a specimen can often be confused with the anti-christ. However during the warmer months of the year, the Pominville undergoes an extraordinary change. It sheds its long-sleeved outer coat for more suitable attire. This metamorphosis is known as "Pomwonderful"

If confronted by a Pominville during the fall/winter months stay clear of it's massive guns and under no circumstances grab it's whistle. The best thing to do is not to avoid the "Pomintron" but rather attempt to appease it by running full speed at all times while within close proximity. Although encountering this creature in warm climates, during which the creature is generally not a fagle, may lead to pizza and Gatorade, never make it aware of your recent visits to prison or of your acclimation with the "pump". If you happen to stumble upon an angry Pominville during mating season, commonly noted by it's spants, it can be easily distracted with either a hoggie or a grinder. Navy beans, Navy beans... Meatball sandwich.
"Coach Pominville I'm goin' ta jail."

"Coach Pom, I love the white gooey stuff on top."

Student: "Coach Pominville where do you live?"
Pomintron: "I live in a town called none of your darn business, population you."

Student:"(Anything that may be in any way shape or form offensive to anyone.)"
Pomintron: "What's a matter with you?"
by Messy Marvin September 20, 2007
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