pom stands for Perverted Old Man. Usually a man over the age of 40 who likes to stare at girls under the age of 18.
Two 14 year old girls standing in their front yard. An older man jogs by and stares at one of the girls boobs. This would be a moment for the young girls to either shout or whisper pom.
by pld26 September 01, 2007
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Either comes from 'prisoner of mother England' or pomigranite - a reddish coloured fruit that native Australians (Aboriginals) thought had a similar colour to the skin of sunburnt Brits.
Not meant to be an insult (as some English think for some reason), merely a nickname for our less-tanned former rulers. Nicknaming everything is very Australian.
Pom: 'Oi, convict, get your shit stars off our flag!'
Aussie: Fuck off pom, get your shit cricketers off our cricket ovals and give us our fucking ashes - they've been ours since 1989!'
by Beer bong September 13, 2004
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Dutch slang for cash. Derived from the Dutch word 'pomp' (which means 'pump') which is sometimes used as a metaphor for cash flow.
The word pom is commonly used by bums and trailer trash in the southern part of the Netherlands.
Guy 1: Hey bro, you got some pom on you?

Guy 2: Sorry dude, just spent it all on some kush.
by SpaceKing January 07, 2014
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The first written reference to the English being referred to as Pommies (Poms) is contained in letters written from the front lines and trenches of France in 1916.
A traditional French insult for the English is “**pomme de terre avec le visage d'un cochon d’inde**”
“Potato with the face of a Guinea pig”
Shortened to simply “Pomme de Terre
“Potato” because the French considered the English, dirty, boring and common.
The Australian Soldiers who shared the French Soldiers dislike for the English Officers, but could not speak French, adopted the first word from those derogatory phrases “Pomme” or “Pommes”
Mispronounced, initially, as Pommy or Pommies (possibly due to the spelling Pomme being read as Pommie).
Then shortened to Pom.
Pom does not mean Prisoner of Mother England.
It does not mean Pomegranate.
It has nothing to do with Pom-poms.
It means Potato.
Substantiated by letters from 1916.
And the fact the French, themselves, have long referred to the English as “Potato”.
If you call someone a Pom, you are calling him a “potato”.
The Aussies smashed the Poms in the /World Cup/Cricket/Rugby.
by AussieMatt June 22, 2019
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A word that looks like "porn" when read fast. The subject of many top-rated comments on youtube.
That guy says he watches porn! Oh wait, he said he watches pom.
by porn addiction January 01, 2012
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Partner. Over. Mates.

The opposite of this is M.O.P - Mates. Over. Partners.
Since he started dating that bitch he's become such a P.O.M
by Drummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm February 12, 2008
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Pom- a word developed by the more streetwise of the young teenage girls living in a society running riot with dodgy men. The term 'pom' refers letter by letter to the phrase 'Pervy Old Man'. It can be used in cases where one spots a creepy man who is looking at you in a suggestive and noticeably inappropriate way. It implies one to be in acute sexual danger if deserted by friends and left in the hands of one of these dangerous beings. POMs are usually middle aged to old aged, they hold eye contact with girls for much longer than necessary and sometimes even apply the sinister raised eyebrow approach on seeing a 'good catch.'
Ags: "OMG that creepy guy just looked at my chest for way too long."
Iram: "Yeah, what a frickin' POM."
by pominator101 August 03, 2011
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