Funny 20 year old guy who makes videos about funni hyperfixations because ADHD
Polygon Donut Is cool ig
by I0C0NN0R1 July 22, 2023
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18 year old guy who likes catgirls and also has a discord server which some people are obviously underage.
His fans and members from his discord often misspell things. For example, instead of saying Polygon Donut, they say polgon donute, pongon drounut, etc.
lol polygon donut made a who asked video lol pongon doutnu say no nodbody aksed 🤣😂
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A godly youtuber that makes godly content and is the creator of the polynomers discord server, overall a weird and awesome youtuber
Person 1:Hi polugo n donute.

Person 2: noice you watch polygon donut that’s pog

Person 1: yes
by Frogsarelife January 21, 2021
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A polygon shaped donut man who came from heaven to save us
Someone: I'm bored :P
Polygon donut: Uploads a video
Someone: Interesting
by Oogle boogle shnoogle December 17, 2020
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December 16th is polygon donut day. On this day all donuts must be cut to look like a polygon. You get arrested if you eat a donut on December 16th that isn’t a polygon.
Dude, tomorrow is polygon donut day! Are you gonna stop at dunk n donuts to pick up some polygon donuts?

Hell yeah man, December 16 is my favorite day of the year!
by Fidget :) December 7, 2020
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