One who looks foolish, incompetent and dishonest after miserably failing to scam someone.
Ryan was pollywoged after unknowingly trying to sell a counterfit painting to the original artist.
by BreadMann June 11, 2020
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A boy who grows up without a father and must raise himself to be a man.
Paulie had a dead beat dad. He's a pollywog.
by Paullee April 02, 2007
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semen; gak; man milk; slime; penis putty; cum; splooge; cock slobber; the great white gumbo; egg drop soup; and paste.
This bitch ate enough alaskan pollywog soup to keep her fat all winter.
by xenoflux May 25, 2006
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A jealous, older woman who spreads rumors and sabotages a younger female because they wish they were not old and washed up. An older woman who "hates" on younger woman, usually over attention.
Oh don't listen to everything you hear from that ol' Pollywog.
by Savage.breed November 24, 2020
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Overlapping labias - also known as lady docking.
Mia Khalifa and Jenna Jameson enjoy Pollywoging one another on set
by Pollywoger December 25, 2016
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