A person, generally a hippie, who is obsessed with politics, and spends there time complaining about presidents, and anything else political. You can usually find them in cafe's with other politico's shouting about corrupt leaders and government conspiracies.
Grayson "Did you hear that guy over there?"

Chad "Yah he was yelling that Every Decision ever made by the United States Government has been the wrong one."

Grayson "What a politico."
by Grayson Converse August 8, 2006
A term used to describe deeply self-absorbed and autocratic heads of state along with other like-minded politicians who support them.
Up until recently there was a clear surge in the popularity of deranged politico-narcissists seen around the world!
by Dr Bunnygirl July 6, 2020
Term coined by Rod "Politico" Adkins to describe his world-wide Northern Sound Underground hip-hop music movement. Can also mean all over the map.
We G-Yo Politico in dis bitch, ya'll some local e-hustles.
by Rod "Politico" Adkins May 9, 2006
A college student/20-something year old extremely active in Massachusetts (mostly Boston) politics. They eat, sleep, breathe politics after studying Political Science and having at least 1 unpaid internship. Usually they go to Suffolk University or Northeastern University, and manage at least one local campaign post-grad.
“A bunch of young mass politicos are phone banking for Michelle Wu this Friday.”
by Sotfofy December 24, 2019