1) World police, Global Busybodies, Modern Day Crusaders of Democracy,
2) Author of the 9-11 "terrorist" act on the World Trade Center, the biggest lie ever sold.
3) The instigator of the wars in every Middle East country invaded since 9-11
4)War criminals that have gotten away with murder, literally, on a scale so grand it makes the mind wobble.
Once the US Government comes (invades) to your country, they'll never leave.
by jrh5356 April 15, 2005
Emily’s theory on the United States Government states that if president Biden does not soon realize he is acting like a commie and that the American people are over it he will find himself no longer the president of the United States.
And I said to the president if you do not believe in Emily’s theory on the United States Government then you can test it at your earliest convince.
by Beau Dean November 17, 2021
Defunct and Broke. Run by criminals and special interests. Lack of progress due to indifference and corruption. A place where neocons rule and democrats hide under their desks in the fetal position scared of taking a stance. Basically a completely worthless social/governmental institution.
by Nebacanezer 2000 November 16, 2003
Not Toni Neilson, or any other performance debater, or any debater other than the awesome Nirav Patel for that matter.
The United States federal government is not Toni Neilson, or any other performance debater.
by Trad Debater August 3, 2004
A bunch of lying, back-stabbing, double-crossing, faggot-ass theives. Exhibit a nasty holier-than-thou attitude. They have their eyes on you, their ears on your phone line, and their head up everyone's ass.

Be a thief, the government hates competition.
Area 51 does exist, and they've got some weird-ass shit in there. If you try to fly over it, F/A-18's run you off.
by yu suk November 16, 2003
not a direct democracy; a republic of the elite autocrats doing what ever the hell want to do with your hard earned cash(i.e. not you, democrats, or minorities)
by zach hill February 14, 2005