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A politard is someone who is politically polarized to the point that they cannot have an intelligent discussion with anyone that they perceive to be "on the other side" of their political spectrum, the politard will automatically disagree with their perceived "enemies" and often without any actual knowledge of the subject being discussed. Politards differ from trolls in that politards actually believe what they say.
We were trying to have a discussion at (insert ANY political blog, forum, or website here) but the politards kept spewing bullshit so our discussion ended up going nowhere.
by Brudogg September 17, 2010
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One who claims to be "into" politics because they're seen a few documentary movies. Existing on either side of the political compass and usually found on on-line forums.

by SelfControl November 13, 2004
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A Politard is any sort of rock or movie star who is passionate about a cause, but has no idea what the fuck they are talking about. They once watched something about it on entertainment tonight. Where they get all their world news.
Holy shit Bono is a politard... he must have seen something about that world issue on pimp my ride.
by cstew December 08, 2005
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