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to drop the absolute piss missile on a young polish woman. the act of the polish hammer is not completed without the act of putting a whole polish kielbasa up both participants rectums, the action must be quick like the German blitzkrieg into Poland. the polish hammer is in fact LETHAL causing the death or mortally wounding of both people involved. It is said in polish legend that the pleasure felt is pure nirvana, so yes it is worth dying for.
The polish hammer was once done by the polish king and queen and it resulted in an earthquake that broke the world into the 7 continents we know today.
by shlongkeydonkey October 16, 2018
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a wrestling move where you clasp your hands together and bring it high over your head, and down onto your opponent like a great sledgehammer. a great finishing move, especially if you're polish. why? added irony, i suppose.
rob: whats up, man
tim the bowling alley pope: well, jesse got drunk at the party last night and jumped off the picnic table, landing a huge polish hammer blow on my head. i swear, im gonna have a migraine for a week.
rob: weak, dude
by jassu19 September 03, 2006
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A sexual move where the male is have sex with the female doggie-style, and he interlinks his fingers creating a large fist of which he slams powerfully into the small of her back knocking the wind out of her.
Last night I gave suzzie the polish hammer, she died.
by Jrpolen November 26, 2007
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Polish hammer a plank of wood, the term comes from unskilled Polish workers stealing Irish jobs on building sites. The joke being the Polish aren't the most technically skilled of workers and have been known to dig holes with a plank of wood or tried to knock masonry nails into walls with the butt of a trowel
here sean pass me that polish hammer i need to shutter in this window sill
by roobert mcscrote June 02, 2010
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