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The opposite of Pointless, when something is full of 'point' it is POINTFUL.
Your statement was very pointful.
by Microphone "ceydn" Joe March 21, 2003
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having relevance
Learning history is very pointful in understanding today's societies.
by The Whitlock October 01, 2003
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The sarcastic description of a completely ridiculous statement made by someone who lacks the ability to avoid describing an object or event in the most obvious of terms.
really, planes fly? thanks for that, that was a very pointful statement.
by berverse March 25, 2003
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man: what's the difference between killing someone and saving someone?
man 1: the first would be pointless while on the other hand saving someone is pointful
by Mrs Zebra December 03, 2010
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to have a point, or to be of reason.
Example One: *Jebediah, Sophie, and Lilli are making cake. Jebediah licks the spoon and gets frosting in his hair and on his clothes*
Sophie: Jeb! That wasn't very pointful!
Example Two: *Abigail is eating chicken and french fries. When she finishes, she begins to wipe the ketchup into the garbage with her chicken*
Abigail's mom: Abigail! dont use your chicked to wipe off your ketchup!
Sophie: that wasnt very pointful, now was it?
by Spiedr November 27, 2006
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