When a play is executed magnificently and in a very skilful manner.
Did you see that 6k? Pure poesy mannen.
by neonyziee December 05, 2019
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A portmanteau of the words poes and jissis.
Poesis man, Ruan! Jy't fokken weer te veel gedrink!
by Porky Pig 1 November 22, 2020
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Words arranged in metrical form.

Poetry. Rap on the poetic side.
Ya kick some hip poesy sa'
by Bebop Anonymous June 23, 2005
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(poetry and hypocrisy) utilizing poetry for morally objectionable means. quoting lines from love poems to coax a reluctant partner into bed.
person A: "Fool, you can't imagine how helpful this poesy stuff is"
person B: "Yeah, how'd you do it this time?"
person A: "I just quoted 'Wondrous Moment' by Pushkin and we were doing the no pants dance in no time!"
by mars0l July 06, 2009
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Pussy in the most pure form.

Mostly used to describe a beautiful bald pussy. Also used when eating or licking pussy.
Does she have a poesie pure?
Do you eat poesie pure, or do you like to put whipped cream on it?
by Pussy & co November 18, 2015
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