A gathering in which one tosses a tennis ball in the air or possibly hits an opponent and the fellow participants scatter in a frantic sense of excitement.
by Gaza5eva June 5, 2019
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A game played in the Bahamas using a tennis ball being thrown with the objective of pocking (hitting) other players. If you are pocked (hit) with the ball, then you are out of the game. The offensive objective is to pock the other players. The defensive objective is not to be pocked.
Who has a tennis ball? Let's play pockey bui!
by bonbontoomuch June 6, 2019
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Black person. Derives from the politically correct term 'person of color' or, more specifically, 'poc'.
Hey nigg-, I mean, pockey! Pick that shit up before I whip your ass!

Good boy, and by the way, give your she-pockey a punch in the gut for me, I didn't pull out in time.
by notarealaccount August 2, 2014
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Another way of saying French Whore. Someone who sleeps around or dresses provocatively.
That girl is such a pockey twat. She has slept with the whole football team.
by Insanitydreamer April 15, 2015
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