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adj. Feminine when ending in an "a" masculine when ending in an "o".

1. Person with Bad Hygiene
2. The beginning of decomposition.
3. Americanized

In the urban vernacular, a person that mixes words and phrases loosely between Castilian Spanish and English. Usually a derogatory term.Words in Spanish are Anglicized, a phrase may mostly be in Spanish but contain one or more words in English and vice-versa. Viewed as a a deficit of vocabulary and culture by Native Spanish Speakers.
The following example is of a word in Spanish being Anglicized and is an example of how a person denominated as a Pocho or Pocha may speak.

ex: Roberto anda en su Troca. (Robert is in his Truck.)

"Troca" is the Anglicized word for the Spanish word Camioneta (Truck). The word Truck is given the feminine gender associated with the Spanish word for truck by the addition of the letter "a" to the ending to assimilate to the Spanish word
"Camioneta" as it is referred in feminine as well. Further Castilianization of the word Truck is added by removing the K which is not used frequently in Castilian.

There is no specific style to the intermingling of languages.

-ex (A): I went to the movies y estuvo muy bien.

-ex (B): Fui al cine and it was really good.

Correct Phrase in English:
-I went to the movies and it was really good.

Correct Phrase in Spanish:
-Fui al cine y estuvo muy bien.

Example of Pocho (a) in a sentence: You are such a Pocho (a) when you speak. It's awfull! Choose a Language!
by The Editz June 01, 2009
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